The Great Transformation


intervention/object, diameter 4 m,

former bread producing factory Anker, Vienna, 2009
light tube, perforated metal plate, wire, cables, running light circuit


The title »The Great Transformation« alludes to the book »The Great Transformation: The Political and Economic Origins of Our Time«, written by the economist Karl Polanyi and published in 1944.


By using light tubes the terms CAPITAL, LABOUR and SURPLUS VALUE are mounted on the wall in the great hall of the former factory Anker in Vienna-Favoriten. They form the shape of a circle and glow in alternation and in succession.


Through the shape of a circle and the location we formally refer to the clock of the factory, the embodiment of working hours determined by others and the designs of applied art that seek to communicate complex data in the most appealing way. The lighting effects relate to the game of chance.


The terms CAPITAL, LABOUR and SURPLUS VALUE refer to the capitalist production circuit, its logic of exploitation and to the art itself.