La Défense oder: ∞


kinetic object, 2006

camera modules, movement detectors, motors, metal rods, cables,
gearwheels, wooden block, clamps


In »La défense or: ∞ (2006), Johanna Tinzl and Stefan Flunger draw the viewers' gaze to a translation process that ultimately, however, remains invisible.


Two opposing surveillance cameras attached to movable fixtures are in constant movement, as one is activated by the vibration of the other. The video images of a movement recorded by the surveillance cameras are transformed into further movements in a freely accessible technological translation apparatus - black boxes (detectors) - and generate an interpretation loop which seems to reduce itself ad absurdum.


Based on the crossover point of the lemniscate sign for infinity, the artists' duo negotiates their concern with media archaeology in the form of a kinetic installation.



Text: Birgit Rinagl, Franz Thalmair, 2010