Tertium non datur


project proposal for a public space intervention
on the Mönchsberg in Salzburg, 2009
vinylnet, hooks, carabiners, ropesmeasures 32 x 4 m


Unrealised - the project was declined by the Municipality Department 5 - Old Town Department


»Tertium non datur« is a concept for the exhibition project »Living Spaces - Living Forms« curated by Hilde Fraueneder in the Galerie 5020 in Salzburg/Austria. We were asked to develop a project in the framework of the curatorial concept dealing with the urban fabric. The project proposed to mount a banner with the writing »Too Big to Fail« on a rock face of the Mönchsberg.


The term »Too Big to Fail« [1] refers to itself by its dimension (32 x 4 m), visibility and location (rock face – above the roofs of town), but also to the economy where the term comes from.


Unfortunately the project was declined by the Old Town Department of Salzburg and therefore not realised.



[1] »Too Big to Fail« is an economic keyword and describes the phenomenon that businesses of a certain size are protected to declare bankruptcy due to the fact that they will be saved by state intervention in time so that the whole national economy will not be at risk. This applies to the banking sector in particular but also for big companies.