Installation, Palais des Expositions, Charleroi, 2012
bricks, MP3-Player, amplifier, tapes



Based on the failure of the modernist idea of ongoing progress we have taken up a little research for counter-movements that have developed simultaneously with the decline of the industry in Charleroi.


We found the band SIC, which started as a punk band in 1977 and which transformed to a minimalist New Wave band till their end in 1983. We got in touch with Micheline Dufert, the singer of SIC, and began an exchange. We were impressed with the power and precision of their first punk songs (»Dirty«, »(I hate my) Town«, »Factory«) or the later ones like »Voltage Control« and »Free Radio Stations«.


In Charleroi we are interested in two figures: The fundament and the void. In Hall 4 we install a shadow and a stage. A new track has been tailor-made for the installation by Micheline Dufert and Francis Pourcel. Today they work under the name »by-SiC«.


This way - like in music - a »Portamento«, »a sliding tonal movement for the filling of larger intervals«, could find space.