Jutro – Sutra


intervention in Strgačina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2006
paper, clingwrap, nails


Alluding to writings that used to transform mountainsides in ex-Yugoslavia into text-and image carriers - effectively putting on scene a certain message -, the word MORGEN is written in white angled letters well visible on a mountainside.


From the very dense morning fog, this writing is the only thing that remains from the early »MORGEN/morning«, outlasts the day and reminisces about the morning till it disappears in the dark in the evening, changes its meaning and refers to the future, to the next morning, to the »tomorrow/morgen«.


The word »MORGEN« is connected to the balkan saying »malo morgen« (a bit of tomorrow), that is used to detract from today to a future that isn’t further defined, a sometime. »Malo morgen« is a germanism in those languages, consisting of the word »malo« (engl.: small, a bit) and the german loan word »MORGEN«. In the german language »MORGEN« describes two different temporal conditions at the same time. Translated into english it means »morning« as well as »tomorrow«.


Last but not least this writing pays our respects to the people from the small village Strgačina, especially to Emin.