soundinstallation, Mardi Gras, Copa Cagrana Vienna, 2008
Kunstpavillon Innsbruck, 2010
duration: 45’20’’

horn loudspeaker, CD-player, amplifier, cables


A sheet metal horn is orientated towards the public space of the Danube Island in Vienna.


You hear the soft ticking of a metronome in an infinite loop that is set to 60 counts per minute. Again and again a defined chronological order intermits this monotonous rhythm, while a spoken countdown from 9 to 0 breaks in loudly in different languages – the exciting announcement of an event that consists of 10 seconds of silence.


The time-lags between the 9 countdowns (audible through the soft ticking of the metronome) are defined by the digits of the numbers 0 to 9. The total running time of the sound installation is 45’20’’ and starts all over again.


Speakers: Miriam Bajtala, Cäcilia Brown, Christian Eisenberger, Helmut Heiss, Elvedin Klačar, Kristina Marberger, Elif Yalçıntepe, Maruša Sagadin, Adrien Tirtiaux