3: half of 8


space-installation, 2006

lampshade, electric bulb, elekromagnet,
metall bar, motion detector, cables,
white cushion


The viewer triggers a signal when entering a dark room. this starts running an apparatus consisting of a hanging lampshade and a metall bar that is used as clapper: the bulb glows, the clapper knocks against the lampshade. in front of the setting lies a white cushion on the floor.


Due to the irregular knocking of the clapper against the – slightly swinging – lampshade the object attracts the whole attention. still an expected rhythm or a certain logic is never reached. that way the permanent expectation of the viewer arises, but it never gets satisfied.


On the other hand a situation of concentration and silence is set up through the quiet, but still existent noises. in turn this is disrupted by a sudden darkness and the break up of the apparatus. the whole process starts again as soon as the viewer becomes corporally active.


She/he triggers the impuls of the motion detector that activates the light bulb and the movement of the clapper for a certain amount of time. the circuit starts anew.